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Drive Logistics logo: A symbol of reliability and excellence in fluid hauling services, proudly representing our commitment t

At Drive Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, maintaining a strong commitment to safety, and building lasting relationships with our customers and the communities we serve.

Through our extensive employee training and equipment maintenance programs, we're able to consistently provide reliable and efficient service while prioritizing the safety of everyone involved. We understand that our industry presents unique environmental challenges, and we're dedicated to managing these challenges with care and expertise.

We're not just a company that provides a service - we're committed to exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional results. Our top priority is the quality and performance of our equipment and team, both of which are essential to our success.

We take pride in fostering a positive company culture that values employee training and equipment maintenance.  This approach allows us to offer the highest quality service, while prioritizing the safety of our team, customers, and the environment. 

Our team of experts bring a wealth of knowledge to every project we take on.

Our owners, Chris and Thirza Johnson, lead our company as President and Secretary, respectively. John Bergen is our Shop and Maintenance Foreman, and Kassidy Connelly is our Office Administrator.


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